Focusing in on RiceCoin (RICE.CR), we can see that the cryptocurrency has recently touched $54 on traded volume of 32 for the day.

As we move farther into 2018, investors may be starting to track daily movements in the cryptocurrency market. Although Bitcoin is still the most talked about crypto, there are others trying to make a name as well. Last year, the dramatic rise in the value of Bitcoin turned a lot of heads. Even though the value has declined recently, there are those who believe that the cryptocurrency is going to hit even greater levels in the coming years. Of course, there are also those who think that Bitcoin will eventually be worthless. Any way it gets sliced, it is hard to deny the popularity and attention that the crypto space has seen in the last few months.

Investors may be conducting research to help better understand the current cryptocurrency market. With the technology still fairly new, this can be tricky. Unlike other investments that have been around forever, cryptocurrencies do not have a wealth of historical data to study. Technology has always found some way or another to disrupt standard business practices. The widespread adoption of the Internet has shown just how useful peer-to-peer interaction and communication has been when conducting business. Even though there could be a long ways to go, cryptocurrencies may have the potential to transform business across all types of industry.

As investors start to study the cryptocurrency market and contemplate crypto portfolio decisions, they may have to carefully weigh all the risks. There may be too much current volatility in the market to make any big moves, but following all the developments may help make the research a bit easier when the time comes. The rise of bitcoin and a few other prominent digital coins have caught the eye of investors and consumers alike. Nobody can say for sure how many, if any, will make their way into the mainstream and become everyday payment options. As the debate continues, investors will be watching to see which way the crypto market momentum swings in the coming weeks and months.

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